3D Crafter

3D Crafter is a real-time 3D modeling and animation tool. It offers everything you need to create complex models using either predefined 3D primitives or object creation tools. The tutorials and sample drawings make this program an excellent introduction to 3D modeling, even if the software is a bit complex. In fact, it has a long series of features and options that can be used, so it may take some time to get to have complete mastery of the software, especially if you are totally new.

3D Crafter UI

Fortunately, the tutorials and help files are excellent, so building a model is surprisingly easy. Simply drag one of the predefined primitive shapes into the workspace and you can immediately start editing the object within a scene. You can paint 3D objects and animate their shapes and positions in real time. Then,  you can record them in an AVI file. The 3D canvas interface is extremely intuitive, with objects and palettes conveniently accessible from tabs and panels clearly visible. This freeware version of 3D Crafter is an excellent program with a multitude of different features and a lot of things to play with.

Download: Download here

Price: Free

User Level: Beginner

System: PC


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