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[GUIDE] 3D printing FAQ. Your questions answared!

This is a collection of the most common questions, FAQ 3D printing , which are asked by those who for the first time turn on the 3D printer.  If you have any doubts about a topic not covered in the [GUIDE] FAQ 3D printing write it in the comments! And within a few hours we will answer you!

faq 3d printing

FAQ 3D Printing

  • The extruder engine is blocked and does not run even if I give it the order by software, is it broken?
    No, the motor is not broken! This motor has a safety that allows it to operate only if the hotend has reached the minimum temperature to extrude the filament, normally the minimum temperature set is 175 °. For the PLA, it is recommended to set the extrusion temperature to at least 190°. Try to heat the hotend and repeat the operation.
  • While the printer is working I hear a tick noise coming from the extruder. I also noticed that the shaft of the extruder turns to push the wire. then all of a sudden comes back suddenly, as if it could not push, is it a serious problem?
    It is not a serious problem at all, but it must be tackled with due calm following this guide. First of all you must be sure to have the bed well leveled, to level the bed you can follow this guide. https://www.easy3dhome.com/level-bed/
    As a second step, make sure that there is enough space between the nozzle and the platter for the filament to exit. After having brought in the printing position the nozzle we try to pass a sheet of paper between the nozzle and the plate, the paper should pass, if it does not pass raise the endstop / offset. If the paper passes easily but the extruder continues to force then you must increase the Vref through this guide. https://www.easy3dhome.com/vref/
  • My nozzle is clogged, how can I clean it?
    You can clean the nozzle by following this practical guide. https://www.easy3dhome.com/clogged-nozzle/
  • How do I level the printing bed?
    You can level the printing bed by following this detailed step-by-step guide.

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  • The nozzle keeps getting clogged even if I clean it every time, how is it possible?
    There are 2 main reasons why the nozzle continues to get clogged. The first is the wrong connection of the hotend fan. This fan must be connected directly to the power supply and must always turn at maximum. The second is the poor quality of the filament in use.Always use good quality filaments
    You can find several reviews with the indications of the fields of use indicated for the various filaments at this address.
  • I can’t get the print to stick to the plane, how can I do it?
    You can try to improve adhesion through this simple guide.
  • I can’t change the filament with the bowden extruder because even if I pull very hard it doesn’t come off and risk ruining the tube, how can I do it?
    Here is a small guide to not having to use brute force.

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  • I’ve heard that the first layer is fundamental to the success of printing, how do I understand if my first layer is good and how do I improve it?
    You can follow some advice in this guide. https://www.easy3dhome.com/first-layer/
  • To print the PLA at best you have to cool the filament just extruded, but for this I need a fanduct, where I find the drawing of the fanduct to print?
    On Thingiverse you just have to insert the brand and model of the printer and you can find a lot of fanducts both for normal fans and for radial fans. Where possible, radial fans are recommended because they produce much more ventilation.
  • Since I put on the fanduct and when the fan is turned on, the printer is wrong: Heating failed Printer Halted, what can I do?
    Adding a current of air that blows on the plate, especially if it is very intense can cool down the nozzle too much and mess up the printer. Through this simple guide you can recalibrate the PID and have the printer perform again.
  • I would like to understand from what components my printer is made, to buy some spare piece, how can I understand it?
    This article analyses the printer piece by piece:

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