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I think wanting a 3d scanner it’s something that happens to everyone. At least to all owners of a 3d printer. We see an object, we like it, we would like to reproduce it but…
In most cases we are not able to draw it in 3D. And often, even where there is knowledge, sometimes lacks patience.  Then, there are the size. We will hardly be able to reproduce an object with its measurements, those that give it the grace of which we were struck.

Scanner for hobbysts

To solve this problem, for professionals there are 3D scanners, but for hobbyists?
Don’t despair, we have just what you need! Not everyone will know that Autodesk itself, as well as other software houses, have created Apps that turn all cameras into digital scanners.

Probably these 3d scanner applications will not have the same precision as professional 3D scanners but they can be used for the purpose.

3d scanner

3d scanner: 123D Catch by Autodesk

123D Catch by Autodesk is an app for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems that generates high-resolution 3D models from a variety of photos.
These photos are taken from different angles and positions in order to completely virtualize an object.  123D Catch is an application that can turn a smartphone into a 3D scanner.
The great advantage of using Catch on Android and iOS or Windows devices is that the camera is already there.
The software guides you very simply through taking every single shot, ensuring that your position is the right one.

The PC version of Catch allows users to upload their digital photos, to edit the resulting models and turn them into accurate 3D models. All versions of this App are free to download and use, but the quality of the resulting model is superb. This software uses Autodesk servers to process your model, sending your photos over the internet, so we strongly recommend that you request processing when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
The 123D Catch software is based on the simple premise of taking a lot of pictures of the same object from different angles, in order to obtain a perfect “SCAN”. , although it’s not always that simple, you need to be careful taking pictures.

An important limitation of Apps of this type is that they can’t process reflective objects.

Download:  For PC, Appstore, GooglePlay or Windows shop.
Price: free
User Level: Beginner
System: Ios, Android, Windows Phone and PC


3d scanner
3d Scanner TRNIO

Another very functional application is TRNIO, a full-function application that allows you to view a 3D grid of “points”. You will have to place within this grid the object or scene we want to scan, repositioning the view of the camera. This ensures the capture of a reasonable set of images.  Once in the established point, it will be necessary to wait for the application to activate the shutter of the camera (there is no need to take photos materially, it will do the whole application). The driving process does not guarantee that the result is correct. You can always try again and with a little experience you will get the best results. Once finishing, the acquisition of the images, you will only have to upload the images on the server for processing.

This usually takes 5-15 minutes. The 3D models must be “published” before they can be downloaded in PLY color format, for conversion to STL and for conversion to G-Code, for 3D printing.the application. May seem confusing at first, the workflow and controls are not entirely obvious, but there are video tutorials and it is recommended to see them before use. One very good thing is that TRNIO will always be free, a bad thing is that it is only available for Ios.

Downloads: Appstore
Price: Free
User: Beginner
System: Ios



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