3D SLASH – Minecraft for adults

3D Slash User Interface

The inspiration for the development of 3D Slash came from children playing Minecraft, in fact this is the easiest way to develop sophisticated 3D models without realizing it. However, 3D Slash is specifically designed for the design of 3D printable objects.

The 3D Slash tools:

 The software provides an original set of 3D tools such as:

  • the hammer, to remove a parallelepiped 
  • the spatula, to add a parallelepiped
  • the chisel, to remove slices of parallelepipeds
  • the brush, to set the color of the cuboids
  • the wood pulp, to add a slice of parallelepipeds
  • the milling machine, to remove the volume to the adjacent parallelepipeds
  • the projection of the image on the parallelepiped, to help cut the object according to the shape of the image.

In addition, the 3D Slash application offers advanced complementary tools: complex geometric shapes, as cylinders, spheres or cones, the bucket, you can fill with an identified parallelepiped volume, the functions of cut, copy and paste. The curved shapes are also approximate and composed of small parallelepipeds.

Furthermore, the particularity of 3D Slash is based on its .STL files (standard 3D print file format) and on the import and export functions.



This program allows you to form links in your community, with the ability to share 3D projects between members. You can also print directly from the community thanks to some commercial partnerships.

In short, this software provides a unique 3D modeling solution for the non-designer audience, the mass market of 3D printing, and we recommend it from 5 to 95 years! 3D Slash is an easy alternative to rapid prototyping for the business community and Makers.

Download: Download here

Price: Free

User Level: Beginner

System: PC, Mac, Linux

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