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3D Studio Max

Autodesk is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of 3D modeling and CAD software. Probably someone will remember Autocad… But among the various software products marketed by the company finds its place 3D Studio Max. (a.k.a. 3DS Max) . 3D Studio Max is a powerful software, widely used by the film industry to create digital scenes and their effects. As an architect, designer and in many other fields. After saying this you’re probably wondering why to use a software like this for 3D printing ? It’s soon said. Its flexibility, required to make it easier to make three-dimensional models and increase productivity, makes it easy to make complex geometries and models.


Let’s get right to the facts. The images speak more than a thousand words.

3D Studio Max 3D Studio Max

These are just a few examples of what you can do with this software… If you like the idea of being free, of being able to create your own models in 3D, then 3D Studio Max certainly deserves your attention. Unfortunately this is not a tutorial but only a very brief description of the software useful to show you, just some of the models that you can create and reproduce (play is not an error …) with this software.

3D Studio MaxThe sore point…

3D Studio Max

3DS Max, it’s not free software. That said, this Software House provides students with a 3-year license. If you fall into this category, Autodesk offers you a suitable license type to start learning how to create three-dimensional models with this software.

Once you have created your 3D model Studio Max is able to “export” everything in the file format most commonly used by our slicers or in stl format.


If you are interested in the software and the details of the student license, find HERE the link to view the conditions.

Download: Autodesk website (free trial)

Price: Autodesk offers a monthly subscription of €244 or an annual subscription of around €2000.

User Level: Medium to Expert

System: Windows 7 (sp1), 10, 8.1, 8.

3D Studio Max

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