5 items to print just for fun – It’s time to play!

New week, new prints: this time we present 5 items to print just for fun.

The printer in the end is not a game? Of course it is! It’s complex enough to create other 3d games, even fanciful and fun.

So here are some press board games for you, to spend these cold weekends of February without moving from home, rediscovering old and analog games. This article will be for the majority of you a dip in the past with games unfortunately disappeared for a long time.

First item: Dice

5 items to print just for fun
D&D dice to print.

Above all the die is the emblem of the game, and above all the D&D dice set, which counts 7 of them. You can use the set for paper role-playing games (Dangeons and Dragon) but also can adapt it for any other use. Inside the set of D&D dice there is also the classic die to print with 6 faces. For the more traditional players I also propose the classic dice for board games to be printed in 3D. With a simple research you can find custom game dice to print for all the board games.

D&D dice set:

Classic die:

oggetti da stampare
Classic die.

5 items to print just for fun: Chess

5 items to print just for fun
Scacchi a spirale

Among the most popular games in the world, you can play everywhere (for fun or competitive): at home, in dedicated circles, via the internet and sometimes by correspondence. Born in India around the 6th century, the game of chess is quite complex. It is estimated that the number of legally permitted combinations of 32 pieces on the 64 houses of the board is between 1043 and 1050, and that the size of the move tree is approximately 10123 . The number of possible different matches is approximately 101050. Nice numbers though!

But what do you think about playing with a chess board and pieces totally created by you? 3D printing gives you this possibility and does it great. However there are many different chess and chess styles online to print. From the classics in numerous variations, to Pokemon ones, the animals of the forest, the shadows, anime theme or TV and more. Probably I could spend the day here to list the various possibilities we have of chess to print.

For this article I choose some simple chess. Beautiful but, among all the board games to print, have a challenge for our 3D printers. For example the spiral from which they are composed could be problematic, but surely it is a nice game to print and of sure visual impact!


5 items to print just for fun: 1-15 game

I haven’t seen this game in ages. A nice game to play, typical of the early 90’s and personally I spent a huge amount of time. It was a gift in the snacks and pawned children for quite long period. Once you learn the moves the resolution could be rather easy, as it happens for the Rubik’s Cube, even if here evidently is easier!

oggetti da stampare
1-15 game

This 3d print is created in a single print, so it is recommended a correct calibration. Surely the accuracy and repeatability of the measurement in 3D printing must be quite strong, and not bland as in some other game to print. I recommend in this regard some of our guides:

  1. Accuracy, Resolution and Repeatability in 3D printing 
  2. [GUIDE] Steps calibration – Set step/mm to optimize size accuracy of 3D printers
  3. Tolerances in 3D printing – Drawing and printing solutions
  4. [GUIDE] Adjust the amount of extruded filament

1-15 game:

5 items to print just for fun: Tris

If you want to sharpen the cunning and play 3d I recommend the tris! Well-known and well-played, it consists in placing 3 identical symbols in sequence, in any position. The version I choose is a bit weird, this time it is not the original game, but a way to reuse the multitude of cubes that we all have printed for printer calibration! Here you just need 9.

oggetti da stampare
A fancy way to recycle calibration cubes


Last item: Risiko

Here’s a really useful way to use printers. How many times do we open an old board game and see that the checkers, the markers or other, such as the tanks, are missing? Here’s what we can do Risiko 3D! With 3D printing won’t be a problem anymore.

We can integrate the armies of Risiko disappeared, or create new ones! So instead of the historic Black-Red challenge, we could create more… like Black-Pink or Red-Grey.

Basically you can go to Thingiverse and with a simple research you can check what board games are available to print and maybe replace what was lost or maybe create new ones and have fun printing!

Risiko 3D:

5 items to print just for fun
Risiko tanks.

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