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Acetone Vapours: [Guide] how to finishing ABS


Acetone method: introduction and equipment

This process is totally safe and controllable in every step. All this is concentrated in being able to saturate a small room with acetone vapours. It will slowly begin to dissolve the surface layer of our creation, making it smooth and shiny. As I announced earlier, the process goes from slow to very slow depending on the type of acetone used. acetone In fact, using the simple acetone for nails, which you can find it in any supermarket, it could take up to 4-5 hours to get good results. While with the pure acetone, you can find it in hardware stores or color factories, the thing is much faster and less controllable.

Let’s see what we need:

  • Acetone
  • A glass jar or container (obviously not plastic)
  • paper towel
  • Wooden skewer board or stick
  • Plastic lid (I used the lid of an ice cream container)
  • Water
  • Aluminium

Procedure using acetone

Let’s start! So we’ll go to block some paper towel at the top of the jar with cardboard or wire. I recommend you do not use plastic as it would melt. Gently we start to put the acetone on the paper being careful that it is totally absorbed. We turn the jar over our subject previously placed on a base that can contain a modest amount of water. We pour the water at the base, so you use it  as a hermetic seal. In fact, the air, pushed by the vapors of acetone can easily come out but not enter. When we see the bubbles coming out we will understand that everything is going well.

Now we just have to wait depending on the type of acetone we will use. A few tens of minutes will pass with pure acetone and a few hours with the cosmetic version for nail polish.



Below you will find the video to see the complete process, enjoy the view. Important, the jar must be made of glass, or metal, and as a result obtained to dry the object even an hour as it could be soft and would be damaged.


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