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ABS NEXTotum – Easy – Filament Review

With this filament we inaugurate the categoria of the reviews on the ABS filaments. The first ABS to pass under our hands is a product of the very Italian NEXTotum, of Carate Brianza.
I’m not a big fan of the domestic use of this material. First of all because to be able to extrude this material in the best possible way you need closed printers, not always affordable for newcomers. The closed printer is necessary both from a technical point of view, to avoid problems of warping and delamination, and in terms of liveability of the environment. The fusion of ABS plastic material emits the characteristic smell of “burnt plastic” not really suitable for home environments.

Having said that, we received a lot of requests from our users, asking us about which ABS to use. So here I am to start testing ABS!



We have purchased the test package, of many filaments on the Nextotum site, in the Sample Pack section. Sincerely I recommend you to visit this section, with a few euros you will have 34 types of filaments to choose from and try first hand. The test samples arrived well sealed in practical packaging.

ABS NEXTotum: Test

abs nextotum

ABS is synonymous with strength and durability, so I wanted to try it out by printing a backing. Given the trust I have in this brand, I wanted to create a support to which I could entrust my precious iPad! Seriously, I wanted to test this material on a rather difficult figure, with many empty areas to see the behavior in empty spaces.

After about 2 hours of printing we found the support. The empty spaces were incredibly free from stringing, also thanks to the possibility of extruding this ABS NEXTotum at very low temperatures.
The only sore point is that not having wanted to use the Brim, to test the limit of warping was raised slightly (less than half a millimeter) the left side of the object. This is due to my care to look for the limits of the materials. As the plate temperature was set to the recommended minimum, I did not use a closed printer, added to the fact that I did not use any adhesion aid. All in all, having had a warping in an angle of this magnitude was half a miracle!


ABS NEXTotum: Print Settings

This filament was printed at 235 degrees, 50 mm/sec. The specifications speak of temperatures from 220 to 240, really cold for ABS!  The plate, abs nextotumas mentioned, has been set to the recommended minimum of 90°. There is not much else to know, as the name says, Easy ABS, is an ABS that you work with ease.

ABS NEXTotum: Conclusions

This ABS is really well designed, which requires a very low extrusion temperature, which helps in many cases to avoid many problems, not to mention the reduction of energy costs (albeit minimal). Although I do not recommend ABS normally certainly this, see the excellent printability is a good compromise, if you have to print objects durable and resistant thermally and mechanically.


You can buy this ABS NEXTotum on the website of Nextotum do not miss the opportunity to have the free shipping costs ordering more than 100$ of material.

abs nextotum

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