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ABS ReForm rTitan – Formfutura – Filament Review

Today I will tell you about the ABS ReForm filament.  It is a sustainable initiative by Formfutura to efficiently manage residual extrusion materials and reuse them to create a high-end ABS filament. ReForm’s ideology is to make 3D printing more sustainable, without compromising material properties, and yet keep it affordable. ReForm rTitan is based on the same formula as TitanX filaments, but consists of waste that is recomposed and homogenized to create a new filament.

ABS ReFormDelivery

Everything in this filament is pro environment, even the bonina is composed of biodegradable cardboard. It arrived in a paper bag. However, the ABS is not very hygroscopic so it is more difficult to deteriorate with moisture. For this reason I appreciated the paper packaging, in line with the ideology of the project.


rTitan (ABS ReForm): Test

ABS ReFormWe wanted to test the rTitan in strength and precision. I gave myself a mini vice to keep connected the libraries where I expose my prints.
I must say that, even if I did not choose a particularly large or rigid model, thanks to the resistance of this material, I was able to achieve the result with very little filament. The small vice was printed quickly and does exactly what it was designed for, it can keep the two libraries together!

rTitan (ABS ReForm): Print Settings

This filament was printed at 245 degrees, 60 mm/sec.  The plate has been set to 90°.  It was not necessary to act in any way to have a perfect print. Nothing to report, not even the slightest hint of warping or delamination, perhaps helped by the fact that it is a small model.

ABS ReForm

rTitan (ABS ReForm): Conclusions

Excellent material for any type of construction, from mechanical components that require great precision and resistance to artistic figures that need to represent every little detail. You can see in the knob of the screw the degree of precision that this wire can achieve! And that’s a lot!


This ABS can be bought at the parent company on their website: Formfutura, or you can also find it there: Amazon

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