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Accessories for 3d printing and manteniance

DIY and 3D printing need a lot of accessories! This has led me to create a small workshop, with everything necessary for the maintenance of my 3D printers, for almost full  complete problems. I draft for you my “MUST HAVE” list of  accessories for any situation

This is a series of accessories, which are not essential as tools, but can be equally useful when we are dealing with the construction / upgrade of a printer kit.

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  • Electrical cable ties: the essential tool, with the cable ties you can do any kind of fixing. I personally am a fan. And I recommend colored cable ties to be used both to differentiate the fixings, both aesthetically (if it remains in sight). Amazon.
  • Cable lugs: essential when assembling a kit, they make all the electrical part safer.  Amazon.
  • Tubular cable lugs: particulate luges that can also be inserted in mammoths and round sockets.  Amazon.
  • Crimping Pliers: obviously we will need crimping pliers to tighten the terminals on the wires.  Amazon.
  • T – nuts m4 : Literally hammer nut, essential to add reinforcements or accessories (E.g. wire holder) for those printers made of aluminum profiles. If you have a printer made with profiles I recommend the purchase of at least 50 T-nuts, sooner or later they will be fine. Amazon.
  • Screws, various sizes: to be coupled to the T-nuts you will need screws m4, of different sizes. To add aluminum reinforcements we recommend m4 screws of length 0.8 cm. Obviously, the thicker the accessory you want to add, the longer the screws must be. A good compromise are screws of 1 cm, to be coupled if necessary to thickness washer, otherwise the screw will mark the proflate.  Amazon.
  • Steel/nylon washers: as mentioned before, washers are used for many purposes. It is advisable to buy a set with different thicknesses and diameters.  Amazon.
  • Nylon screws: very useful for delicate and insulated fasteners, a real boon for electronics. I recommend the longest possible, as in 3 cm links, so they are easily cut to size with a cutter or scissors. Amazon. In link screws M3.
  • Nylon nuts: to make the pair with the screw.  Amazon. Linked nuts M3.
  • Self-locking nuts: very useful, used for fixing pulleys and moving parts on wheels.  Amazon.
  • Electric pressure clamp: when order meets speed. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to see the classic mammoths again. Amazon.
  • Various connectors: they are used for the quick replacement of wear parts of the printer, such as heating cartridges and thermistors.  Amazon.

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