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Anet A8 – Fast review for this piece of history

Anet A8

When we talk about the Anet A8, we are talking about one of the largest and most popular 3D printer. Certainly not brilliant for particular innovations but widespread, thanks to the extremely competitive sales prices.These printers have a large number of supporters, because despite being built on a small budget are all in all excellent machines in relation to price.

Anet A8Anet A8: All start here

Today I would like to tell you about my experience with the well known, cheap (horrible term), loser and messed up  but at the same time wonderful 3D printer Anet A8. Let’s start from the beginning. From the order on the well-known site at the end of the silk road,Gearbest (at an astronomical price! Laught!), although for the more hasty is also available on Amazon.

After a careful and careful research I decided to take an Anet A8, either for the really advantageous price (140 € around, depends on the moments and offers), or because I’m basically a masochist and I like to suffer. The navigation on the site is simple and intuitive, and if you know what to look for you find what interests you in a few clicks. Having done previous research I chose my printer and checked the option “Italy Express” or “Priority Line” for shipping. In this way, you can be sure that at the delivery, I do not have to pay VAT and customs taxes. So it was, the package arrived in 14 days net from the order, delivered by the courier after notice by email a couple of days before without any additional payment of money.

Anet A8: The shock

Once the package was opened, my first thought was:”Why did I have to do it?” And I also paid for it. Not only the printer is delivered disassembled, but each piece of the frame is jealously protected by a brown adhesive film on both sides of the pieces. I spent at least an hour to remove that damn film, which smells quite a bit, coming to the lighting towards the end of why many keep the Anet of a fantastic brown shit. After the initial discouragement, the editing continued without any particular hiccups, thanks to the videos contained in the memory card supplied with an incomparable oriental interpreter who, with his graceful mastery, illustrates the various steps.

Anet A8: The hardest part

The painful notes come when it’s time for the setting and various adjustments. X-axis? Y-axis? Extruder? Nozzle? Retract? You have to be very patient and inquire in the various discussion groups around the web, in particular there are a couple of groups on Facebook full of people available and solutions to common problems. Personally, after about a month, I acquired the fundamentals for excellent results, even considering the origins of the printer. Once you can print the first objects you have to put in the pipeline several upgrades that will be able, later, to make us get really good prints.

Anet A8Anet A8:Improvements

First of all we have to make sure that the two belts of the X and Y axes are always tight, and this result, or we get with two belt tensioners that we can easily print thanks to the files on the site Thingiverse that are:

Y-axis belt tensioner

X-axis belt tensioner

Pay attention also to the belts themselves that it would be better to change with these

Anet A8After this, we move on to strengthen the Z and Y axes with two large prints

Y-axis reinforcement

X-axis reinforcement

To help us in levelling the top of this Anet A8, let’s print out this small tool for easy assembly and adjustment: the Z-axis end-switch.

Small help also comes from this excellent filament guide arm and from these spool rollers. If you don’t have ball bearings, switch to these other ones.

I found it very convenient to anchor my Anet A8 to a plane to have better rigidity and less vibration in the printing phase with four of these little tricks with these will certainly improve the results. Keeping a glass of at least 3mm on the printing surface, held with office clips, makes processing much easier.  This also makes it possible to obtain a perfectly flat surface and not rounded as is often the case with the aluminum bed of our printer. In addition, by regularly spraying hairspray on the glass we will have an optimal adhesion of our pieces.

Anet A8Anet A8: Electricity

We have to solve some issues that could cause us many problems such as short circuits, fires and other unwelcome surprises. We have to change the cables that bring power to the heated floor with the most suitable cables AWG 16 or 14 or 12 (however, a research on ebay or Amazon solves the doubt), are silicone cables that tolerate very well the high temperatures and movement, as opposed to the “rind” mounted as standard. The work must be done by removing the connector on the table and soldering the cables directly on it. Don’t be frightened, it’s an apparently complicated operation but one that most Anet owners overcome without any serious problems.

Another important thing is the installation of two Mosfets (Amazon) for the management of the ignition and shutdown of both the heated floor and the extruder. OMG what a stuff they are!!!! Another thing initially extremely complex, but in practice turns out to be anything but complicated. You can find them easily on ebay or amazon and assembly takes only a few minutes.  Just follow the diagram below and you can do everything in a few minutes.

After a careful adjustment and many wrong prints I have come to obtain very satisfactory results considering the limited expense.

Printer available on the most popular e-commerce:Gearbest and on Amazon.

You can also look for NEW  AND MODERN VERSION OF ANET A8: HERE

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