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Anycubic Delta 23×27

Anycubic Delta normally sold in KIT if purchased directly at the place of manufacture have low prices – the reference price is that of Amazon.
This particularly economical printer can be a good base to start with, although it is not recommended for those unfamiliar with mechanics and electronics because delta printers are not a walk in the park for assembly and subsequent calibration.

Anycubic Delta

This printer is part of the supereconomics, with an aluminum frame, metal hotend can print a multitude of materials, is available with or without heated plate, it must be said that to print ABS and plastic-based filaments the heated plate is a must.

It takes about 4 hours to assemble and comes with everything you need, including tools and rubber gloves. The indications are a bit cryptic but it is not difficult to make it work.

Anycubic Delta provides a little PLA for the first tests.

Anycubic Delta packed very well! I was surprised that everything was labeled. The assembly went very well. All the hardware is perfect and also had some extras.
The board arrived with the firmware installed and I was able to test the print using this. I was easily able to find the firmware on the SD card and the drivers link.

The leveling went pretty smoothly using the included circular test print. I also used the test print, the 20mm calibration cube to check the print size of the machine.

I must say that this is an exceptional printer and I highly recommend it as first delta.

This printer is available on Amazon with express shipping!

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