Anycubic PLA Filament complete review

Shenzhen Anycubic Technology Co., Ltd. (this is the full name of the company) is a Chinese company manufacturing and selling 3D printers, accessories and this Anycubic PLA filament. We have already reviewed their delta printers, you can find the review here, and their Prusa i3 here.
Those who were lucky enough to see the full catalogue probably immediately realized, as I did, that they were in front of a giant. In addition to offering a multitude of spare parts for its printers, it has everything we could want in 3D printing. It is no coincidence that this company has a turnover of more than 4 million euros.
Returning to the core, we have tested a PLA filament of their production and below we will show you the results.

Let’s go through the main issues:

Extruder :190°/200°

Bed: Off

Ventilation: ventilation recommended even if not necessary

Anycubic PLA: Features

The proven filament is a transparent Anycubic PLA with excellent printability. The disappointment comes when you realize that the desired glassy appearance is achievable only with particular works and on particular projects,Anycubic PLA not always. This does not mean that the satin effect obtained is not very pleasant. Excellent product considered the eastern standard. It is recommended for the creation of gears, mechanical parts in general (compatible with the realization in PLA) as long as they are not subject to pressure / tension, because it is not very solid.
However, it is particularly recommended for the realization of cantilevered or bridge parts, because besides not creating stringing, it does not even arc.

Anycubic PLASurface Finish
Metabolized the disappointment for the lack of glass effect we find ourselves in front of a pleasant filament.

Details Accuracy
Small parts are visible even if they are not a strong point of this particular filament.

Size Accuracy
The printed cube has maintained its full size.
* This test may vary depending on the printer settings.

In the catalog we can find all the colors you want, there are few technical materials, but here we are judging only the PLA so the vote can only be more than positive.

This filament does not present any particular problems related to extrusion.

Without any changes to the printer settings, this filament does not create stringing phenomena.

Anycubic PLA

Bed Ventilation

The Anycubic filament can be printed without cooling, even overhanging, so it is highly recommended for all printers without fanduct.

Once extruded, this filament is not particularly resistant, it does not delaminate on its own but yields by applying a certain force. * This test may vary depending on the extrusion temperature.

Anycubic PLA

Realization of overhanging and bridge parts
Through the realization of these two types of printing comes out the character of this filament. It does not give in at all and can easily create overhangs of 70° without substrates.

Anycubic PLA Price

The price found on Amazon with free shipping is 21 $/kg, good price that does not disappoint expectations and in line with quality.

Here it is this Clear filament. You can chose between more 9 colors: Amazon

You can also  buy the Anycubic filament at special price of 15$/Kg at this address: Amazon



Anycubic PLA

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