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ASA Apollox – Formfutura – Filament Review


A valid alternative to ABS is the ASA Apollox filament (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) created in the 70’s by BASF but recently also used in the field of 3d FDM printing. The main feature of this filament is its resistance to atmospheric conditions such as UV and water. The secondary characteristic, but not for importance, is that it suffers less from the phenomenon of warping during cooling, a defect that makes ABS particularly difficult to print.


The exceptional rigidity of this filament, its high chemical resistance and thermal stability as well as its ability to age without taking on the classic yellowish colour caused by exposure to atmospheric agents (e.g. UV rays) have made it famous in the automotive industry as well as for the construction of objects that by their nature are constantly outside.


This filament came to me with a complete supply of test filaments, carefully sealed packages of 50 grams (about 20 meters).

ApolloxASA Apollox: Test

This ASA ApolloX filament has unique characteristics, so to prove its strength and dimensional accuracy I have printed an articulated action figure. Unfortunately, the filament was not enough for the whole figure and I had to make the chest with another material. This choice proved to be good anyway because the result was great! Given the joints I could see the strength of the material and also the precision, a feature that allows you to move the model as you want.


ASA Apollox: Print Settings

The ASA ApolloX has been printed just like the ABS, at 245 degrees, 50 mm/sec. The plate, as mentioned above, has been set to the recommended minimum of 90°. As stated, it suffers much less from delamination and warping problems.

ApolloxASA Apollox: Conclusions

This ASA ApolloX is visually very beautiful and allows you to make not only leathery prints but also artistic. A positive note is the smell of weak melting, even if there is still no information about the potential long-term toxicity. Once you learn how to use it will be a great material in your holster.


Purchased from the parent company on their website: Formfutura, or if you are accustomed to shopping on Amazon you can also find it in the world’s most famous electronic marketplace: Amazon

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