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Astroprint – Easy and affordable remote control

Astroprint is a very lightweight and high-performance printer control software.
To date, the ability to remotely control any object is a very attractive alternative, and it is on this need that the Astroprint development team has focused. To be able to have their project financed on kickstarter, a software that can be installed on raspberry pi. A small low-cost electronic board with an ARM architecture, has been created.


Astroprint: Installation

The installation of Astroprint simply requires a Raspberry pi, a sd card of at least 8GB and a wifi dongle (wifi keys). The procedure is very simple and will take about 15 minutes.

After registering on the site, we will have the opportunity to download the software. We will be assigned a cloud storage space! Where we can save the images, videos, timelapse or STL files to print later.

Once the download has been completed and the system has been installed on the rasberry, all you have to do is insert the wifi key. Feed the card and wait for the system to boot.  A few moments later we will notice a new wifi network called ASTROPRINT-xxxx. We will have to connect and follow the instructions to make the first configuration.

Astroprint: Features

The real convenience of Astrobox is the integration of the system. In fact, remotely you can access your account and manage your printers. You can then, via smartphone or tablet have total control over our printer.


Another very interesting service offered in collaboration with Thingverse is the possibility to search the virtual warehouse. Download a project or a single file in stl format and add it to your cloud archive. Thanks to the integration of the Cura software, it will be possible to configure the basic parameters for slicing and printing the project just downloaded, even for the less expert. This all from remote, so we can say goodbye to the use of SD cards!

Once the slicing is done we will have some convenient information such as the time needed to print and the filament needed. If you were equipped with a webcam you can also take pictures or start a timelapse of which we can even choose the cadence of shots. Once finished printing we will find the entire video in the capture card. With the ability to download individual frames, download the complete video or simply leave it in the online archive.

Distance control at 100%

Obviously the quality will depend on the webcam. The best choice at the moment is the Logitechc920 fully supported by the system. On the other hand, most webcams supported by Linux are compatible. It’s just a shame that for the moment there is not the possibility to manage the action-cam. That are certainly cheaper than the c920 (current price about 70.00 €).


Astroprint: Complete interaction


In addition, for the more experienced there is the possibility to interact with the printer by directly sending commands in *.Gcode format. To carry out tests, PID adjustments or simply query the board of the printer to receive specific information.

To date, the astroprint development team has launched various kickstarter campaigns to make astroprint mobile. A convenient smartphone app.  Astroprint desktop, PC software and finally astroprint Touch. Surely this company will continue to focus on this winning project! The comfort and ease of use combined with a careful graphic design makes this software a winning product and suitable for all owners of 3D printers.

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