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Upgrade 4Max-PRO [GUIDE]

Upgrade 4Max-PRO After the first prints with the new 4Max-PRO I saw that there were several defects. For example in extrusion, temperature and cooling of the filament (here our full review Review Anycubic 4Max-PRO). Going to check the network immediately it emerged that the Anycubic after the first samples produced replaced the thermistors. They control […]

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Anycubic 4Max-PRO Review

Anycubic 4Max-PRO Review For this Anycubic 4Max-PRO review we have on the test bench the water green and black version. Similar to the previous version has only a part of the name and corexy construction, for the rest the two machines do not look like each other. The construction volume of the Anycubic 4Max-PRO (270 […]

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JGAurora Majic Maker Review

These last years are great for makers, almost every months we can assist to new releases of many new machines, therefore today I present JGaurora Majic Maker. The line was opened by Ender 3, fortunately, and stimulated all manufacturers to produce technically performing machines, discreetly large and super cheap. Thanks to Gearbest I could get my […]