BQ PLA Filament Review

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, the BQ 3D filament range is perfect for all 3D printing uses.
This Spanish company produces the famous Hephestos and Hephestos 2 printers.
In addition to the printers, it also produces mobile phones, tablets, robotics and other next-gen products.
Among the various productions also has a filament of good quality that we have tried and below are collected our opinions.


HERE you can see the parameters and methods of carrying out the tests

BQLet’s go through the main issues:

Extruder: 200°/210°

Bed: Off

Ventilation: It is recommended to ventilate


BQ Filament

The BQ PLA filament produced in Spain right from the start gives us the impression of being a good material for design prints, since it has a very special finish, glossy and well smooth.
Ideal for creating gears, mechanical parts in general keeps the size faithfully. The filament is quite resistant and particularly rigid.
Particularly suitable for the realization of cantilevered parts, it is not so suitable for bridge parts where it does not shine, even if it still succeeds in forming a solid beam.
It is recommended to use ventilation for optimum performance.

BQSurface Finish

The BQ PLA filament creates objects with an excellent finish, the black used we liked very much given its particular glossy and velvety finish.

Details Accuracy

This particular finish, although glossy, shows the smallest details.

Size Accuracy

The printed cube has maintained its full size.
* This test may vary depending on the printer settings.



Many colours are available directly in the BQ Italia shop. There is something for everyone.


This filament does not present any particular problems related to extrusion.


The PLA BQ filament, while maintaining the default settings for speed and amount of retraction is free of stringing.


Bed Ventilation

Although it requires cooling if not stressed with particular shapes, the filament reacts very well even with poor ventilation


Once extruded, the BQ PLA filament acquires good mechanical resistance and delamination only by applying a lot of force, it also retains the rigidity necessary for functional pieces.
* This test may vary depending on the extrusion temperature.

BQRealization of overhanging and bridge parts
The creation of the bridge shows a small failure, and some collapsed wire, nothing that compromises the strength of the beam. The filament, however, if well ventilated, reacts well to changes of up to 50°.

BQ Filament: Price

The price of the filament in the online shop is 19.90 €/kg. All in all, a good price for a quality and European product.


You can buy the BQ filament at this address: Amazon

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