Here is a rundown of all the special strands tried by us!

3D Filament’s review PLA Specials

Stonefil Terracotta – Formfutura – Filament Review

StoneFil is a PLA-based filament by Formfutura, based on the modified EasyFil PLA compound which is loaded with 50% powdered stone. This high loading (loading means inserting another material into one, of which the plastic will have to imitate the look) has led to a filament with remarkable aesthetic characteristics. StoneFil is an easy to […]

3D Filament’s review Specials

Heritage Brick – TreeD – Mini Filament Review

Today we add an important possibility among those considered so far in terms of special materials for 3D printing, the heritage brick. We will analyze the terracotta effect filament of TreeD. We will carry out a mini-review, i.e. this morning’s single object review, to test the actual similarity with the original material. Delivery We have […]

3D Filament’s review PETG Specials

PETG FormFutura HD Glass Review

FromFutura sent us special filament samples: PETG FormFutura. Today we start with this very special PETG. HD GLASS. HDglass is a high performance, high strength, high gloss and ultra transparent PETG filament. HD means “Heavy Duty”, (extremely robust). Very easy to print with remarkable gloss, transparency and excellent properties of resistance and resistance to temperature. […]