We will publish as much support as possible 3d printing support guides, from the use of modeling programs, the functioning of the Slicer, and above all we will dedicate ourselves to the practical part of 3D printing.
The first approaches to the machine can be brutal if we are not sufficiently prepared or we can not find the right information. We are at your side! Browse all the following pages and search for the guide you need.

3D Print Guides

3D printing glossary

I wanted to create this 3D Printing Glossary because additive manufacturing is a very simple concept, just add a dimension to the typical 2D printing. This obviously makes the whole thing more intricate, but at the same time more fascinating. For a novice user it is very difficult to understand some concepts because you are […]


[GUIDE] What is a Mesh?

What is a mesh? A mesh is a set of basic polygons (Triangles/Quads or Triangles/Quadrilateral) that are “joined” in a certain way to form the mesh itself. If we go into more detail, we find the vertices. Vertices define the position and orientation of every single triangle of a mesh, but not only… In three-dimensional […]

Guides Modeling

[GUIDE] Types of modeling. All software you can use!

Creating three-dimensional models for 3D printing requires the use of software that can generate this type of models. In fact, the creation of models (modeling) can be done using the most appropriate software, to be chosen according to your needs.However, many of the software that follow offer the same functionality, and probably, the same functionality […]