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CEL Robox

CEL Robox 3D printer is small but powerful, although the print volume is smaller than most other printers in this price range, the Robox comes with a number of attractive features, including a heated plate, an extremely fast set-up, self-leveling, and now, a dual printhead for multi-material or multi-color 3D printing.

Cel Robox

CEL Robox: Rumors

Cel’s new 3D printer is a great idea that’s only half done. Between its fast print speed and its uncommon features, there is much to appreciate. However, the problem is due to poor print quality and a complicated calibration process. That’s why in the end, it can end up being very frustrating.

First 3D printer I’ve tested that uses two nozzles for a single filament source, which allows you to print much faster than other machines. Unfortunately, to get the best results, you have to calibrate it manually through a long and difficult process. But even worse, in the end speed didn’t matter much as the print quality of the Robox was disappointing and failed prints occurred more often than I’d like to see.

Depending on your skills and level of patience, the Robox can be a good experience or a terrible one. I just found my closest to it. Keep that in mind before you spend $1,499 to buy one.

Although it is recommended to use Robox filaments, it is absolutely not necessary.

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