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CR-20, the brand new Creality printer – General features

The company Creality 3D based in Shenzen, very active in the industry, is producing many new models, all very loved by the public. One of the most loved is the new CR-20.

After the release of the LD-002 resin printer and the great success of Ender 3, which has already spread like wildfire, here is a new printer that looks a lot like it.  Despite the similarity, the basis of being qualitatively superior are all there. So the price is superior as well!


CR-20: An overall view

CR-20This printer represents, while maintaining more than proven schemes, a nice leap forward for the Chinese printer manufacturer. It is a concentrate of what worked on the previous models, combined with some good upgrades and more attention to design.
Creality 3D has always built high-performance machines and unquestionable quality. In truth, however, normally they are very minimalists. With this printer maybe they started to think that even the appearance has a certain importance. In fact, they present a well-designed machine with an attractive look. We hope that the standard is not lower than what we are used to seeing with 3D Creality printers. although I can be sure that is not the case.

What kind of machine is the CR-20?

Don’t be fooled by the name, this printer is much more similar to the Ender 3 than the homonymous CR-10. Both as a frame, design and technology, and as a size. For example, the declared dimensions of the plate are 235×235 mm, and the print volume is 220x220x250 mm. From the CR10 only takes the pre-assembled form, unlike the Ender 3. You just need 6 screws (4+2) to make it operational. Not bad at all! So we’ll be ready to print very quickly, probably in about 5 minutes!


The CR-20 remains with only one bar for Z movements, which will certainly be sufficient, also thanks to the small print area compared to CR10.
The management of the axis use always the wheel system, even if the belts used are of superior quality than in the past. Another thing that I am very happy to see is that they preserved the aluminum frame. As well as the trolleys. This makes it definitely stable and precise in movements.

What really change?

The main innovation of the CR-20 are the resumption of printing after a power blackout, function already seen on other models. The frame is composed of V-shaped aluminium profiles (v-slots), which guarantee a better smoothness of the wheels. At the same time makes the movement more stable and reduces the wear of the rubber. In addition they improved the ventilation, through the installation of a double fan on the hotend, for cooling the newly extruded material. The printer has by default the knobs for adjusting the height of the plate very large, to allow a more fine adjustment.
Even the printing plate is all new and adhesive, you can remove it easily to detach the prints. And, at the end, reposition it.

The most important innovations concern the extruder group and the electronics organization. The printer base hides the power supply, the control board and all the cable. You see only a nice large display, positioned at 30° to make it easy to access.
The extruder, however, promises the most substantial improvement. In fact it is a brand new MK10 designed to reduce the possibility of clogging and to ensure a constant flow of material. The  extruder can reach 260°C of temperature, giving the possibility of printing almost all the materials on the market.

How much does it cost?

The price of the CR-20 is 400$, which is around 350€, which is really very competitive for what Creality 3D is offering. It is currently available through the official shop or through the Aliexpress store (also this official Creality 3D). Click here. 

It is also available in different Amazon. For example Amazon Spain.

In conclusion

I’m sure it’s an interesting printer and we’ll still hear about it. It’s definitely, at same level of the LD-001, the most appealing printer produced by Creality 3D. I hope I can try it and come back to you with a full and truthful review. If you are a novice and want advice on your first purchase please check out our guide for for buying your first 3D printer and other 3D printer reviews on our website.


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