Design software – introduction to the various kinds

First of all let’s say that: when you talking about design software,  to make a three-dimensional model, you can use a two-dimensional shape. For example, an image or a drawing. Although it is possible to create a shape within the modeling software, in most cases it is also possible to use a special shape. In this way, you can import the shape into the modeling software.

Here’s what you could do

For example, you could get a two-dimensional shape from an image.  In such a way as to trace the profiles useful for the creation of the model.

Design software: Prepare an image to be used as a reference within the modeling software

If you intend to use the “map” technique, you may need to adjust some of the image features. So that it can be “understood” efficiently by your software.

In addition to this, there are two main types of “images”. In fact, there are RASTER and VECTORAL images. The former specify for each pixel its color, the latter use mathematical formulas to represent the desired shapes.
Certainly using software for vector graphics does not mean having to write mathematical formulas or perform calculations. Basically it will be sufficient to insert reference points by positioning them at will. These are based on the shape you have chosen to draw. As the software will automatically connect them. In doing so, it will give you as a result the shape that you have “programmed”.

On the other hand, if you are not an artist and if you do not have the right tools (drawing with a PC would require the use of a graphic tablet), this technique could help you.

Each of the two types of images has its merits and its defects. The experience gained from the use of these software could help you to choose, from time to time, the one that best suits the needs of the moment.

RASTER ( Read More – Source Wikipedia )

VECTORIAL ( Read More – Source Wikipedia )

Raster and Vectorial ( Read More – Source Adobe )

Examples of images taken and/or corrected with RASTER software:

Examples of images created with vector type software ( VECTOR GRAPHICS )


To create your models or add “details”, you can also use some techniques that, through particular images, are able to create a mesh. Obviously starting from the image provided, and use it to add these details.

However, these images must first be “correct” in order to be compatible with the characteristics required by your software. Usually you can add this type of maps by creating and assigning materials, or using “modifiers”.

Design software: Drawing, image manipulation, photo editing, RASTER:

( The features of the following software are available on the relevant website )


Design softwareGIMP

Web site e Download

Design softwareKrita

Web site e Download

Not Free:

Design softwareAdobe Photoshop CC

Sito web

Download ( Free Trial Version available for 7 days )

Design softwareAutodesk sketchbook


Download ( Free Trial Version available for 15 days )

Design software: VECTORAL Drawing:


Design softwareInkScape

Website e Download

Design softwareAdobe Illustrator


Download (Free Trial Version available for 7 days )

Convertitore Raster – Vettoriale

Design softwareInkScape


Online format converter


There are also other types of software for creating “maps”.  For this purpose we can use with software, for three-dimensional modeling.

Design softwarexNormal  ( free )

Website e Download

Textures ( )

Fonts ( 1001 Free Fonts )


Design softwareAllegoritmic – Substance painter


Design softwareMarmoset


Design softwareQuixel


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