ESUN PLA Filament Review

Founded in 2002, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co. is a high-tech company specializing in the research, development and production of biodegradable polymeric materials, such as the ESUN PLA that we present here.

Since 2007, ESUN has been researching 3D printing materials and has so far developed a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS, PVA (used as a support and water soluble), conductive, HIPS, etc…  Esun’s motto is “Excellent quality at reasonable prices”, and for this reason the Esun filament is very popular in the 3D market. We have purchased and tested this filament  (ESUN PLA), and we offer you the results.

Esun Let’s go through the main issues:

Extruder: 210°/220°

Bed: Off

Ventilation: Ventilation helps but is not essential

ESUN Filament

This filament produced in China, on the whole, fulfils its promises and offers good quality at modest prices.
The ESUN filament is recommended for the production of cantilevered or bridge parts, because even if it gives off slightly it remains intact and creates very slight stringing phenomena.
It is not particularly recommended for the creation of gears, mechanical parts and functional parts in general. More than the negligible dimensional loss, of the order of 0.7%, worries a tensile strength between layers almost nothing, as the good tuna … breaks with a breadstick.
It is recommended for the realization of artistic pieces because the finish is very pleasant.
The ventilation is recommended as always, but even if absent does not affect the success of the print.

Esun Esun Esun
Surface Finish

The finish is pleasant and uniform.

Details accuracy

This filament has a pretty good detailing performance.

EsunSize Accuracy

The printed cube lost 0.7% of its size on 2 centimeters.
* This test may vary depending on the printer settings


The palette is certainly varied, visiting the site ESUN you can understand the amount of work of this company, we find filaments of all kinds and species. Lately the company is focusing on PETG wires, probably foresees the future replacement of PLA and ABS.



This filament does not present any particular problems related to extrusion.


Without particular settings and with standard values of retraction this filament does not give rise to unwanted phenomena of stringing if not minimal, easily eliminated by adjusting the printer

Bed Ventilation

The need for ventilation from this filament is its real strength. It can be used profitably even with poor ventilation.


Once extruded, the Esun filament is rigid but delamines very easily. By raising the extrusion temperature this phenomenon could be attenuated, and we hope so.
* This test may vary as the extrusion temperature varies.

EsunRealization of overhanging and bridge parts

The creation of the bridge shows the excellent usability of this filament for the construction of bridges, there is only a minimal failure only aesthetic.
The overhang can also withstand up to 60 degrees without any special adjustments.


Esun : Price

The filament can be purchased on Amazon, even with the Prime option at a price of 20 to 26 $/Kg without shipping costs. The price is in line with the expectations we have to have.

You can buy the ESUN filament at this address: Amazon

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