[Guide] Filament Change with Simplify 3D: Multicolor print

filament change

Filament Change

Having a 3D printer with a single extruder, in theory, forces us to create objects with a single color, if we do not proceed to the filament change in progress. This is not entirely true because with a minimum of effort and work in the “slicing” phase we can have multiple color prints with ease. The guide I’m going to illustrate is made with Simplify 3D, software that allows us to create multiple processes for a single print.



In the case described in the video below we will divide our subject into two distinct sections, from which will be generated two separate gcodes. These, printed one after the other, will result in a single print like the one in the picture on the left. The process is based on the Simplify 3D feature of being able to divide the prints into individual processes, giving us the opportunity to intervene on every aspect of the printing process.

We can decide at what height to set the temporary stop of the print to be able to change the filament and then continue with a new color. After generating the gcodes for printing we also see how to intervene to ensure that the printer remains with the extruder and the plane in temperature. This will be an important step especially in all those cases in which we will make prints in ABS. Material known for its difficulties in case of temperature changes.



This is the first article in a series where I will try to illustrate the functions of this powerful slicer arrived today at version 4.0. Then we’ll see how to shorten the time of a print, or change the characteristics during processing.

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