Formfutura PLA Filament Review

Formfutura is one of the most highly rated Dutch companies on the 3D filament production scene, and they have a loved Formfutura PLA. They produce an excellent filament and remains on the market selling it at a price only slightly above average. In addition to the PLA, in the shop we can find a myriad of technical materials for all needs.
Formfutura is considered an excellence, so you could not help but do some tests!

Extruder: 205°/215°

Bed: Off

Ventilation: It is recommended to ventilate as much as possible.

Formfutura PLA: Features

Two types of PLA filaments are available in the Formfutura shop: Easyfill and Premium.
The main difference between the two types is that while Easyfill is simple PLA, Premium has a fluorescent and translucent colour.
This filament produced in Holland is famous for its results and every maker knows and recognizes this brand.
It is recommended for design objects, which requires an excellent look but also for the creation of gears, mechanical parts in general (compatible with the realization in PLA), and also has a fair resistance.
For the realization of cantilevered or bridge parts, you must proceed to set the printer to the best.
It is recommended to set the ventilation to maximum for optimum performance.

Surface Finish

Formfutura PLA

The surface finish is worthy of a great brand like this. Right from the first print you can see the great development work from which this filament is born. Even if it is not immune to defects.

Details Accuracy

One of the strong points of this filament, we can also easily read the tiny inscription placed in the bow of the Benchy.

Size Accuracy

The printed cube has maintained its full size.
* This test may vary depending on the printer settings.

Formfutura PLA


Not all colors are up to the brand, the yellow considered for example is tending to orange in reel and comes closer to yellow once extruded.


This filament does not present any particular problems related to extrusion, but neither is it particularly easy to extrude, as Formfutura advertising suggests. From this point of view it is a filament like all the others.


This filament has particular problems related to stringing.

Bed Ventilation

The presence of a fanduct with a rather powerful fan that blows on the plate can only help, this filament loves ventilation.

Formfutura PLAResistence

Once extruded, the filament acquires considerable mechanical resistance and is not delaminated even though it applies a lot of force, it is also very rigid.
* This test may vary depending on the extrusion temperature.

Realization of overhanging and bridge parts

The formfutura filament can easily reach a 50° overhang without any particular problems, but to go further you need supports. The bridge shows a small failure, but remains very stable thanks to the particular rigidity of the filament once cooled.

Formfutura PLA Easyfill: Value for Money

The price of the various colors in the store is 29 $/kg, which for a filament of this quality also fits. Can buy throught here 


You can buy more Formfutura filament directly from Amazon.

Formfutura PLA

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