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Formlabs Form 1+

This printer uses a completely different process, stereolithography (SLA). The FormLabs Form 1+ will give you the best overall print quality of any FDM/FFF printer. This is because SLA technology is simply able to print better details. The Form 1+ is one of the desktop printers as for the size, although the purchase and operating price is closer to commercial/professional use. In the printing process is used a photosensitive resin. It resembles a syrup as a consistency. Then, this resin is hardened, with exposure to laser beams. This is the progenitor of desktop printers with SLA technology. An excellent working tool even though it is no longer very young.

Formlab form 1

Formlabs Form 1+: How SLA works

With FDM technology, the printer creates an object layer by layer from bottom to top on the printing platform. Similar to icing a cake. With the SLA, the printer’s printing platform plunges into a container full of liquid resin and slowly lifts a solid, upside-down 3D object. More specifically, when the printing platform is lowered into the fiberglass tank, an ultraviolet laser light, from underneath the transparent tank, illuminates. For this reason, the SLA is sometimes called 3D laser printing technology.

Exposed to laser light, the resin hardens, solidifies and attaches to the platform. As more resin is exposed to laser light, the pattern is created and joined to the top layer. As more and more layers are created, the construction platform slowly – very slowly – moves upwards. And finally, it pulls the entire object out of the tank when the printing process is finished. Another big difference between 3D FDM and SLA printing is that while FDM produces a lot of heat during a print job (required to melt the plastic filament), the SLA remains cold all the time. On the other hand, you have to deal with the sticky resin, which can create a lot of clutter around.

Also, while a 3D FFF object is ready to use as soon as it is being printed, a 3D SLA object must be washed with a strong solvent (75% or more alcohol) later; otherwise it will remain wet (and sticky) for weeks.

Buy the Formlabs Form 2 – Updated version

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