FreeCAD – It’s all in the name, a free CAD

FreeCAD is a CAD software for 3D parametric modeling. The development and the source code have been developed with the Open Source philosophy. FreeCAD is designed for mechanics and design, but it is suitable for a wide range of applications, for example architecture or other engineering disciplines.


It is a solid modeler with a modular architecture. In fact, it allows the addition and development of new functions with ease, without changing the “heart” of the software. Like any modern 3D CAD modeling tool, it includes a 2D visualization tool for the spatial model. But the 2D type drawing of AutoCAD is not the purpose of the software. As it is not the purpose of the software the creation of animations. So, if we want a special program we should contact Maya, 3ds Max, Blender or Cinema 4D.

More about FreeCad

However, thanks to its extreme flexibility, FreeCAD is very useful in many other fields that are not exactly part of its development fields.

For instance, FreeCAD makes abundant use of excellent open-source libraries available in the field of scientific computing. These include:

  • OpenCascade, a powerful CAD kernel
  • Coin3D, which embodies the intent of Open Inventor
  • Qt, the framework for user interface development
  • Python, one of the best scripting languages currently available.

This software can also be a library for other software. In addition, FreeCAD is completely cross-platform, and is currently able to run smoothly on Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OSX, while maintaining the characteristics and capabilities of each of these platforms.

Downloads: Download at this link

Price: Free

User level: intermediate to expert

System: PC, Mac, Linux

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