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Geeetech Rostock 301 – Mixcolor

The Geeetech Rostock 301 belongs to the category of Chinese clones of much more famous printers.
In this case the clone is Rostock. However, it takes its own and Geeetech has a printer capable of extruding 3 filaments with a single extruder.

This rather innovative method has pros and cons, among the pros is the fact of extruding 3 colors worrying about the leveling, calibration and maintenance of a single extruder. The most obvious counter is to be able to use 3 colors yes, but of the same material. Having to use the same nozzle I can not have different temperatures between the materials.

Geeetech Rostock

Geeetech Rostock: Features

Rostock 301 is a delta-type 3D desktop printer made by Geeetech, a Chinese manufacturer. This 3D desktop printer, thanks to its delta structure, offers higher printing speeds. The Rostock 301, like most of Geeetech’s 3D printers, is supplied as a kit to be assembled by the user.

This delta 3D printer also offers 3D printing with mixed color functionality, thanks to its 3-in-1-out printing hotend. The single nozzle multi-color hotend allows the user to feed three different filaments through custom and independent feeding channels. This helps to reduce 3D printing times and contributes to a more accurate overall result.

Geeetech Rostock 301: More features

   High speed 3D printing: thanks to its light and thin mechanical parts (175 grams of hotend).
Precise feed: for full control of colour variations.
Open colour system: the 3D printer can be equipped with a single extruder, double extruder or 3-in-1 3D printer, which means that the possibility of mixing colours is also available.

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