Transparent 3D prints

How to Create transparent 3D prints: Guide 2021

Transparent 3D prints can be made, of course. In the past I have tested some transparent filaments, even if the result was never a transparent print. Rather translucent and opaque prints.

Let’s take a vase. We can see that the image is not as clear as it could be with a glass, but not even like plexiglass.

So I wondered if it’s really possible to produce transparent 3D prints? Are you curious to find out? Then continue reading this guide and find out!

Transparent 3D prints: rules and tips to evaluate!

The main reason why you can’t see through the vessels (made in vase mode) is the fact that they are composed of overlapping layers, like a single perimeter.

Another rule that makes it known is the following: if we want to create transparent 3D prints, make the body of the model uniform.

This means using up to 100%, mixing air and plastic creates a different refraction area.

Here are the good rules for making transparent 3D prints are:

  • maximum temperature
  • print in parallel with the print bed
  • 100% infill.

But the icing on the cake is missing…

Sanding with abrasive paper is the most used technique. Begin the process by use the 500 sanding paper and then slowly move on to 3000.

Here is how a print looks before and after the procedure described above.

Transparent 3D prints

Expert’s advice

A filament of excellent quality and designed specifically to make transparent prints will certainly react better than a simple transparent filament.

If the surface remains opaque you can try polishing it with a transparent glaze. It will make the surface of the print transparent, filling and smoothing out any deficiencies that make the material opaque.

One last tip?

For a successful outcome of your project, I would definitely recommend the transparent NovaMaker PLA, which guarantees greater transparency than other transparent materials on the market.

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