Filament review PLA ICE Filaments

ICE filaments is a Belgian brand of quality filaments. This company wants to offer an alternative to the largest existing brands. This brand was launched in June 2014.
The name ICE Filaments was not chosen randomly. ICE stands for Innovate, Create and Explore.
It initially came out with PLA, ABS and ABS+, then the range of filaments expanded to include carbon, PET, HIPS, Flex and wood.

ICE Filaments

ICE Filaments: Let’s go through the main elements:

Extruder: 205°/215°

Plate: Off with hairspray

Ventilation: Consistent ventilation is recommended

This filament is recommended for the creation of objects subject to pressure / tension and design objects, the excellent surface finish makes it suitable for the creation of objects pleasing to the eye.
It is not particularly recommended for the realization of cantilever or bridge parts, at least not before having studied it a little and set the printer to the best and it is not recommended for the creation of gears, mechanical parts in general (compatible with the realization in PLA).
It is recommended to set the ventilation to the maximum for an excellent performance.

ICE FilamentsSurface finish

At first glance you can see that we have a good filament, the finish of the printed parts is uniform and particularly pleasant.

Detail accuracy

One of the strong points of this filament, we can also easily read the tiny inscription placed in the bow of the Benchy.

ICE FilamentsSize accuracy

The printed cube has lost about 1% of its original size on 2 centimeters.
* This test may vary depending on the printer settings.


The company produces PLA in more than 20 colors, all very interesting and unique


This filament does not present any particular problems related to extrusion.

ICE FilamentsStringing

The filament in question has some phenomenon of more than light stringing, it is advisable to adjust the retractions properly before printing objects with different tips.

Plate ventilation

The filament requires a large amount of ventilation, especially to deal with bridges and overhangs.


Once extruded, the filament acquires considerable mechanical resistance and is not delaminated even though it applies a lot of force. * This test may vary slightly depending on the extrusion temperature.

Realization of embankments and bridges.

Then the construction of the bridge shows a failure, more aesthetic than structural. We can create not too sharp overhangs, already after 40 degrees you encounter some problems.


This filaments is sold only on euro Amazon. In conclusion, the price of the various colors available on Amazon varies from 29.30 to 30.34 € / kg without shipping costs with the possibility of using Prime. The filament is not cheap, even in relation to performance.

You can buy the filament ICE Filaments at this address: Amazon (Italy amazon Link)

Not aviable for americans, that can easilly replace with HATCHBOX, more performing and cheaper

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