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Makerbot Replicator Mini

Makerbot Replicator Mini is a very popular printer because it is small, stylish and will allow you to access the entire MakerBot ecosystem. It comes with an on-board camera to monitor your prints, and incredibly easy software to turn your models into physical objects. The main shortcoming of the Mini is its ability to print only with PLA and a few other filaments, as well as its rather limited plate to just 100 x 100 x 125 mm.

Makerbot Replicator Mini

Makerbot Replicator Mini: Software

On a PC or Mac, you will control the printer through the MakerBot Print program, available as a free download for Windows and Mac OS. This easy-to-use app features a 3D view of the print area showing the loaded models. These can be moved manually or automatically organized if you want to print more than one at a time. When everything is ready, the program cuts the templates and sends the print file to the printer. You have a lot of feedback on the printing process, as well as a webcam view. The program can also control multiple printers at once, so you can run more than one print at a time.

New on the scene is MakerBot Mobile, an app for Android and iOS devices. This is a fairly simple application that allows you to upload and print 3D models. However, it doesn’t allow editing or detailed appearance of the models: you get a preview image and a print button. You can monitor current prints and view videos from your webcam.

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