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Marketplace – Doing business with 3D drawing.

After talking about the “Repositories”, or real warehouses where we find many 3D models in this article and about the STL search engines in this other article, now we talk about their evolution, or the Marketplace, real virtual stores for virtual forms.
Just subscribe to these Marketplaces and upload your projects, set a price and maybe, if you will be appreciated as designers, you can make some money.

Are you a 3D modeler and you think you’re good at it? Get in the game!

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is a 3D model market with a strong design community. In addition to free and paid 3D printable models, the market offers the possibility to request a custom design and interact with designers directly on the site.



offers a wide range of downloadable 3D printable objects. Each item is original, unique, has been tested in print and comes with a manual explaining how to get the best print, many items are free.

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has many file types:* .stl, *.VRML * .wrl, * .PLY, * .3ds, * .zpr.
It is a real market where both individuals and companies can freely buy, sell or exchange 3D models suitable for 3D printing.


is an archive of 3D print files designed to help buyers find the best files and in this step the designers earn their share. The digital warehouse currently contains a mix of 500 free and paid models. 



is a market for next-gen 3D projects. They focus on making 3D printing easy, accessible and fun by allowing talented designers to sell or share their work and helping buyers download and print models themselves without any effort.




is a database of 3D models for the entrepreneur designer. The warehouse offers a mixture of free and paid designs. Using innovative monetization techniques such as donations, pay per print or funding, designers are able to generate income from their works. In turn, site users have access to some unique 3D models. 


is a 3D print content marketplace with a focus on models that are specifically designed for 3D desktop printers. All designs have already been printed to determine their suitability and each model is classified by beginner, intermediate to expert to make easier the life of the users. https://www.trinpy.com/maker/



is a marketplace where you can sell and buy models, however there are some free models.



Another store, where you can also find some free model. It is part of the astroprint family, and it offers models designed specifically for 3D printing.

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