NanoCAD – Russian software completely translated!

NanoCAD allows you to create DWG-compatible CAD files that you can share with all AutoCAD users. Nanosoft also provides an advanced version of NanoCAD which is a paid version: NanoCAD PLUS. If you have some experience with AutoCAD software, it will be easy to adapt to this software, as it will be quite easy to learn it from scratch, for new modelers. NanoCAD offers advanced functions such as creating tables and, above all, it allows you to have tables with cells, macros and built-in formulas. The software, free for Windows, of the Russian company Nanosoft, in its latest version available that is the 5.0. It has been fully translated into Italian thanks to the efforts of Fabrizio Pieri and his community.

After the mother tongue version, in Russian, English has been the only translation provided by the same software house. But now, an italian version is also available, thanks to the translation of the openoikos community. 

NanoCAD User Interface

Now the team is working on Plus, Pro and Construction versions, the development of nanoCAD (Free) will stop at least for the moment at version 5.0, although the team will continue to improve the translation and interaction with the user community.

NanoCAD: Contribution of Openoikos

Nanosoft plans to create a setup directly in every languiage, in collaboration with the Openoikos community. Even if the current translation is not error-free, it already allows a good usability of the Italian interface. “It is still an experimental translation on which the openoikos community is working”. We hope well and wish community a big good luck for the future and a big thank you for the work done so far.

Link to the presentation page, where you can download the files to replace after the registration. Where there is a video in addition to the email with the download link to explain the steps to take to make the language change. The file we are going to download is a zipped file of just over 21 MB.

Download: Download here

Price: Free

User Level: Intermediate

System: PC

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