NETFABB by Autodesk – Print-dependent modeling

Netfabb is a solution for full-bodied 3D production, which combines design optimization, construction of preparation and verification tools in a single software environment. In fact, it allow you to simplify your workflow. Thank to it, you can move from design to finished part quickly and easily, minimizing waste and costs. Provided that Autodesk Netfabb is designed to optimize and prepare models for production and it verifies feasibility with a fast and powerful simulation. In addition, it facilitates the creation of reliable and repeatable parts. This allows you to save in the professional field. Moreover, it has an exceptional option, the automatic closing of *.stl files. They are found almost everywhere (read the article on virtual warehouses of 3D models), but, if they are not properly controlled, they can have “open” parts and, if so, they give problems during printing.


However, the software has its own weak point. What? … Obviously the price!

Netfabb Example Screenshot

Downloads: You can download the 30-day trial from the official website

Price: 399 €. – 30 days free trial

User Level: Professional

System: PC, Mac

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