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Performance ABS – TreeD – Filament Review

Here we are with another review on ABS filaments. Today we will examine and examine a product of excellence, Treed’s Performance ABS.

I’m not a big fan of the domestic use of this material. First of all because to be able to extrude this material in the best possible way you need closed printers, not always affordable for newcomers. The closed printer is necessary both from a technical point of view, to avoid problems of warping and delamination, and in terms of liveability of the environment. The melting of ABS plastic emits the characteristic smell of “burnt plastic”, not really suitable for home environments.


performance absDelivery

We have purchased the test package, of many filaments on the Nextotum site, in the Sample Pack section. Sincerely I recommend you to visit this section, with a few euros you will have 34 types of filaments to choose from and try first hand. The test samples arrived well sealed in practical packaging.

Performance ABS: Test

This ABS not only has mechanical and thermal characteristics of all respect but also has a very intriguing aspect. That’s why I didn’t want to print a purely mechanical object but a touch of class for future dinners. On thingiverse I found a napkin holder customizer, to which you can add the name. I tried it with random names. This ABS, printed with the recommended minimum plate reacted very well, not giving signs of warping despite not having used any help for adhesion, and in an open printer.

The only noteworthy note is the greater extrusion than necessary, as you can see in the photos the objects in the upper face seem swollen. It is recommended, when using this Performance ABS reduce the flow, at least to 95%.  I am quite precise and I know any slightest defect. You assess whether this is the case in your eyes.


Performance ABS: Print Settings

performance absThis filament was printed at 240 degrees, 50 mm/sec. The specifications speak of temperatures from 220 to 240.  The platter, as mentioned above, has been set to the recommended minimum of 90°. It is recommended that the flow of objects be reduced a little for a perfect result. I recommend to extrude at 95% but it will be easy to find after 2 tests the most suitable percentage for your printer.

Performance ABS: Conclusions

This ABS is visually very beautiful and allows you to make not only leathery prints but also artistic. Positive note is the smell of the melting not strong, which brings it closer to being a product usable in the home. Like other ABS is recommended for objects that must withstand the elements and time. In conclusion, it is an excellent ABS, which does not warpa and has a unique texture. It is not plug and play, but once you learn how to use it will be a great material in your holster.

You can buy this Performance ABS on the website TreeD do not miss the opportunity to have free shipping by ordering more than 100$ of material.

performance abs


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