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PETG TreeD – G-PET – Filament Review

Here we are with another PETG review: today we will  examine a product of excellence, the G-PET by TreeD.


We have purchased the test package, of many filaments on the Nextotum site, in the Sample Pack section. Sincerely I recommend you to visit this section, with a few euros you will have 34 types of filaments to choose from and try first hand. The test samples arrived well sealed in practical packaging.


petg treedPETG TreeD G-PET: Test

This G-PET at first glance is a beautiful clear burgundy, which is not limited to being beautiful. This PETG is without doubt the best product I have used to date, which does not present the main problems to which the PETG has accustomed us. PETG does not normally leave a good first layer. This material needs more space between nozzle and plate when depositing the first layer. However, this filament does not need to be printed and is easily printable without any modification right away. The first layer is indistinguishable from one in PLA, which in itself is a real revolution.

Another defect that normally PETG creates is the high presence of filaments (Stringing), and it is necessary to intervene with the post-production. This filament, as you can see from the photos, is immune, making it certainly one of the best materials to deal with. It has printability of PLA, resistance of ABS and can come into contact with food being PETG, what more do you want?

Today’s print is a nice little fish ordering cables, in 2 sizes. In the larger one has been rolled up the charging cable of the phone from 2 meters. While the smaller (resized to 80%) is ideal for earphones.


PETG TreeD G-PET: Print Settings

This filament was printed at 245 degrees, 60 mm/sec.  The plate has been set to 70°.  It was not necessary to act in any way to have a perfect print. Nothing to report except for the fanatics of saving, in my opinion, the plate can even be turned off after the first layers. I say this because the wire, once extruded does not seem to give any signal of warping.

petg treed

PETG TreeD G-PET: Conclusions

This G-PET is without doubt an excellent material, suitable for any print, both in terms of resistance and printability. Personally, I think it’s a small miracle and I think a big study has been done to get to that point. Basically a PETG with all the pros and cons, it doesn’t even emit smells. A good Bravo at Treed! This particular color is translucent, and has a great effect if you like, otherwise you have a wide range of colors.


You can buy this G-pet on TreeD website

petg treed

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