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Review PLA 3D Elec Tech Filament

Today I was finally able to test the PLA filament of this famous Chinese printer manufacturer, the PLA 3D Elec Tech. Hanging around a bit in the world of 3D printing, as it happens with almost all brands, I heard conflicting opinions about this material. Many times, however, both bad results and excellent results are also attributable to the printer, as well as to who regulates the printer.
So as not to be wrong, and formulate a review without doubts I took two colors. So I have two samples to try and “squeeze ” properly!

PLA 3D Elec TechPLA 3D Elec Tech: delivery

I purchased this material on Amazon. The PLA 3D Elec Tech filament is offered on this online sales platform in many colors. In addition to the canary yellow and bright red that I bought I also have: white, black, blue, ocher, purple and many others.

The coils arrived perfectly sealed and inside a cardboard box. On the delivery, made by Amazon now you can no longer say anything.
The items arrive in two days on time, and if they do not correspond to our wishes we have 30 days to return them, for any reason with the right to be fully refunded. What more could we want?

PLA 3D Elec Tech: the test

I wanted to try with these filaments two artistic objects, here are my choices:

The Red

This red is amazing, but for a reason that is far from 3d printing. Simply for a fact of color. For the first time I had to deal with a red that is exactly the red as I mean it, alive, and flaming. I was used to orange or burgundy wine colors. For the first time a nice red!

But let’s cut the crap, for this filament I wanted to try one of the new versions of boats just released. The boat for the 3D printer is always a challenge, and I choose one of the most difficult. In fact, this particular model despite always having the same difficulties: round and square windows, wooden floors, also has 2 small chimneys that suffer a lot of overheating and a very thin railing in which to try perfectly the overhang.

I don’t want to comment on this press but just leave the photos. What do you think?

PLA 3D Elec Tech

The Yellow

With the yellow instead I wanted to choose a character of the past, among the most printed: Nefertiti! Of this famous Egyptian queen only one of her bust has arrived to us but some modeler wanted to give her a body.

This yellow made every little detail at its best and although some were just small and difficult it never missed. As is normal there was some abrasion where the supports were present, but all in all negligible.

A detail that left me satisfied were the hands. They measure in reality less than 5 millimeters and also despite the supports really make it well!

PLA 3D Elec Tech

Print settings

I printed both colors at a temperature of 200°,  lacquered and off plate and ventilation at maximum. I had no particular difficulties or problems. The filament was extruded continuously and I immediately saw that the print would be of amazing quality.


PLA 3D Elec TechI like this PLA 3D Elec Tech very much, and it is certainly very good for other uses besides the artistic one, used by me. It could become the reference material for all those makers who seek savings in addition to precision and endurance.

You can buy this product, as I said, on Amazon in different colours.

In any case the price for a Kg. of material is 18€/20$. If you take in count it arrives in 2 days to your home with free shipping and be a quality material is really great!

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