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PLA Eryone Filament Review – Good and Cheap

Today we review the PLA Eryone filament. You can find it, since some time, on Amazon (you find it here) at a really low price. We are talking around twenty $/euros for a kg. Let’s see how it behaves by printing a variable temperature tower and some objects.

pla eryone filament

PLA Eryone Filament : shipping, packaging and characteristics

Shipping and packaging are top quality. The filament is well packaged and vacuum bag with silicagel well sealed, as always with Amazon. At first, the filament has a very intense and bright black color. Also from a sample analysis the diameter is quite constant.

The temperature tower

pla eryone filamentThe variable temperature tower (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2729076) will allow us to determine the filament’s behavior at various temperatures by making a single print. Here you can find a guide to properly do a filament test.

During the print of the tower I had a detachment of the piece at 185°C. However no problem. As you can see from the photos the filament finds its optimal temperature at about 200°C. Bridge, overhangs and roundness are really well worked taking into account the cost of the product. As for the details the PLA Eryona filament has some uncertainty but for the rest is excellent.

pla eryone filamentpla eryone filament







The review continued with the printing of some object needed for the article Top 5 Utensili Stampa 3D.

In the printing of these pieces the filament did not have particular difficulties. has behaved very well keeping the color without making the individual layers too visible. Recensione filamento PLA Eryone Recensione filamento PLA EryoneThe prints were made at 195°C, bed 55°C at a speed of 80mm/sec with an Ender3.


I would say excellent the result of printing in “vase mode”. At 200°C and I always set the plate to 55°C with a speed of 50mm/ sec. The layers are barely visible and the final result is very enjoyable.


In conclusion

In short the PLA  Eryone filament behaved really well except for some small problems. Unfortunately the not optimal rendering of the details make it a filament not suitable for those looking for the maximum definition. We should also say that probably with a 0.2mm nozzle, a lower layer height and a lower speed the results would have been better. But we are talking about tiny details. It keeps its color and brilliance with no problem at all.

Of course available on Amazon at a very convenient price.

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