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PLA FiloAlfa – Metallic – Filament Review

Today we add another piece to our PLA tests and we’ll try one of the most popular PLAs in the 3D printing material landscape, the PLA FiloAlfa.


pla filoalfaDelivery

We were sent a small reel (very comfortable format of 250g) for testing to analyze the best of this material. Undoubtedly one of the best packaging seen so far. The reel arrived under vacuum and inside a cardboard box! A good start, this testifies to the care for the production of this company.

PLA FiloAlfa: Test

pla filoalfaThis filament with a metallic look is really very similar to metal, so I wanted to make a small statue of a lion.
Eight hours it took me to get this perfect representation of a lion lying down. The result, however, is, as you can see, very satisfactory. The only flaw that you can see is the texture of the infill that you see almost everywhere, albeit lightly. I don’t know what this defect is due to, probably directly from the STL file. The model had to be a scan of an existing statue, so the quality of the details was not very high. This filament, however, has greatly enhanced the statue, making it completely resemble a real metal statue.


PLA FiloAlfa: Print Settings

This filament was printed at 200 degrees, 50 mm/sec with a 20% infill. As mentioned above, there is no need for ventilation. It adheres very well with a simple layer of lacquer with a cold plate.

PLA FiloAlfa: Conclusions

I liked this PLA very much, and it is certainly very good for other uses than artistic, it has excellent resistance and in general you can print with ease.

You can buy this PLA FiloAlfa on the website of FiloAlfa,

pla filoalfa

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