3D Printer Components – Power Supply

The power supply feed energy to the printer, used for moving and “thinking” parts, electronics and mechanics.
It is a component to be kept in perfect efficiency and fundamental for the correct and long-lasting operation of the machine, in this Guide we explain how to test the outputs of the power supply to ensure that we do not run into overloads. Depending on their size, printers can use different voltages, ranging from 12V (very common), 24V (common), 28V (very rare).


Power Supply 12v:

Power Supply 24V:


In general, the power consumption of a 3D desktop printer varies from 20A to 35A, so in case of replacement, this component is available in all major electronic markets, at quite happy prices. In case of power supply modification, it is always advisable to oversize it in order to make everything work without effort.

to get the watt that can be released you must multiply the amps for the volts. So for the 2 link up here we have same watt output:

  • One is: 12v * 30A = 360W
  • Second is 24v * 15A = 360W

Same power released, just put the one your printer use!

Power Supply

Of course, this component of 3D printer can be found in the most popular e-commerce markets:

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