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The filament I want to talk about today in this review is a PLA of the brand GIANTARM in SILK copper color.


You can find it on with the possibility of Prime shipping with delivery in 24h. The package is a standard cardboard box. The coil is also protected by a thermo-shrinking plastic film that is sealed, vacuum-sealed and with a small bag of silicone to control the humidity inside.

The winding is normal: there are no knots, nor overlaps of any kind. But it is not even perfect like some other brands and has some irregularities.

The spool is the classic black plastic but has a couple of interesting tricks.

In addition to presenting in fact three points where to fix the end of the filament. On the one hand it has grooves that lighten the coil. And as you can see, on the other side there is a loop that help us to evaluate the amount of wire left in the spool.

You can buy it at the following link.

Test and prints: PLA Silk GIANTARM

Test prints started from a 3D Benchy (link). Like other “SILK”, I found this filament a wire more difficult to print than a standard PLA. It tends slightly more to “knead” and soften before arriving in the “melt zone” of the nozzle. More easily determining the phenomenon of heatcreap. You can easily reduced this small inconvenience by small slicing action such as less aggressive retraction (shorter distance) and lower temperatures. In any case, in my tests I found that the filament works well from 200 to 210°C. The prints made at a higher temperature are characterized by a better adhesion between the layers.

As you can see in the photos below, the glossy and reflective rendering of this filament is excellent. And as you can see from the print all the details are clearly visible.

Also you can notice excellent behavior in overhangs and small details, although printed with a 0.6 nozzle, are perfect (for example the forelock).


Printed on CR-10s – Nozzle 0.6 mm – Layers 0.2 – 50 mm/s – Link

He also wanted to test the aesthetic performance of this material with a nozzle of 1 mm in a machine equipped with hotend “volcano”.

The effect is really nice, the layers are all identical, neat and flawless. This also highlights the good dimensional tolerance of this filament.












Printed on LOREI DUO – Nozzle 1 mm – Layers 0.5 – 40 mm/s

In conclusion: PLA Silk GIANTARM

This PLA is really interesting for the particular finish that you can obtain and the different effects to vary the thickness of the layers. Given the great price and convenience of Amazon Prime shipping is a great choice for printing effect patterns.

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