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[Review] ASA-X Minadax – Great Quality at an Affordable Price

Introduction to ASA-X Minadax filament

Welcome back! The topic of today is the ASA-X Minadax filament review. Definitely not a common one.

Let’s start!

In the first place, this filament chemically is different from the ABS for the lack of butadiene in it. Apart from that are almost the same. To be honest its  name is Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate. In fact I’ve been using it for many amazing projects. But let’s make you some examples: a ball launcher for dogs, different mechanical parts, a door handle (has been supporting continuous efforts for 7 months!) and various types of benchies. Usually this filament material is designed for industrial purposes, therefore  it’s strenght is similar to the Popeye’s one! Another key point is that the price for Minadax filament on Amazon is quite cheap.


It looks like an opaque plastic, resistant and rigid, but in a way rubbery.

Due to its UV resistance it is used in dashboards and bumpers cars too.

At the same time this filament is resistant to shock and heat. In addition, as mentioned above, it lends itself very well to mechanical and precision applications. Thanks to that you can easily print decorative objects.

Definitely it lends very well itself to be:

  1. Smooth.
  2. Malleable.
  3. Cut.
  4. Threaded.

In conclusion its printing quality is amazing and is not hygroscopic.

Printing setting for ASA

Hot End: from 230°to 265° Celsius.

Bed: from 70° to 95° Celsius.

Fan: for the more resistant models from 0 to 30% and for less resistant one up to 90%.

Supports: airgap from 0.1 to 0.5mm. Are very easy to peel.

At the same time it doesn’t have stringing, clogging or warping.

Here you can find the video:

ASA-X MinadaxASA-X Minadaxasa ASA-X Minadax asa

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