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ROBO C2 is an excellent easy-to-use printer, automatic calibration, and an all-metal hot-end. It allows users to work with all materials that do not require the heated plate because it does not have it.
The 3D printer comes with a partial replacement warranty of 6 months and 24/7 customer support.
It is not the largest printer but has a very good print resolution and has the ability to change the wedding easily.

Robo C2

Robo C2: Software

The printer uses MatterControl, an open source program developed by the MatterHackers community. It is versatile, easy for beginners to get the print without too much proof. It allows you to choose between three different slicing programs (Slic3r, CuraEngine and MatterSlice) and adjust the section settings. Create temperature profiles for use with non-standard filament types or move the extruder along the X, Y or Z axis.

From the upper left corner of the Home screen, you can connect a printer and start or pause a print job. To print, you can select an object from your Library (which comes with 20 preloaded 3D files, and to which you can add your favorites) or choose a 3D object file to add. Once the object has been added, a 3D representation is displayed on the virtual print bed. You can change settings such as print quality, type of plastic and the presence of media or a raft. When you’re ready to print, just click the Print button. When the extruder and printbed are heated to the correct temperature, printing will begin.

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