Sculptris , for the new millennium sculptors

Sculptris is a three-dimensional drawing software, which translates into bits the sensations and techniques used with plasticine. It was born in early December 2009, and the most updated version dates back to 2011. The concept of use is very simple: users can pull, push, pinch, rotate the virtual clay. It is a type of 3D design oriented towards the sculpture of “organic” models.

How Sculptris work

Sculptris: One of the easyest

Sculptris provides an excellent entry ferry into the world of 3D modeling.  After all, its options are intuitive and easy to learn, even for those with no experience, but it allows the creation of basic models. Then, you can refine them in other applications. The 3D mesh files (obj) can be imported into the program to be enriched with further details.

At the end of July 2010 the inventor of Sculptris, Tomas Pettersson joined the Pixologic team, the creators of ZBrush. They took over the development of his creature. As a result, poor Tomas left Pixologic a few years later, in 2014.

Download: Download it here

Price: Free

User Level: Expert

System: PC, Mac

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