SLIC3R – G-code generator for 3D printers

Slic3r is a slicer program that does exactly what the name says, prepares 3D models.
Developed initially by the RepRap community, replicating rapid prototyper, is compatible with almost  all printers on the market are  it.
It is open source and is continually updated, through community efforts, to further improve its capabilities and usability. The processing engine can analyze and process files in .STL, .obj and .amf.
Just adding its own interface to the program is different from many other software that use the Slic3r engine to generate their .g-code files,.

It’s latest version Slic3r has several  . Let’s do some example: graphical line and command interfaces, printing with multiple extruders (which can also print with different sizes nozzles), hem adhesion, intelligent cooling logic, printing of multiple objects simultaneously or in sequence, material generation support, and more.

Many of its functions are present in other famous slicer programs. Especially cause being open source many of them use the Slic3r processing engine, thus acquiring its functions.

Slic3r example
Slic3r example

However, Slic3r does not control the printer by itself. It could create the G-code and save the 3D file as STL. The control of the printer is left to other programs. One of these programs is other open source project called Pronterface that normally “pairs” with Slic3r.


Pronterface with Slic3r

Pronterface is a user interface that takes the G-code and sends it to the printer. It  also sends custom G-code commands for calibration, to solve some faults and  maintain your printer.

The Pronterface user interface is also one of the most commonly used by 3D printer software.
It has the ability to move by itself on all the 3 axes and move the printer to the starting point (Homing). It has a temperature graph. A window showing the path of the 3D printer nozzle and another one to enter G-code. The user interface is easy to use even if many users complain about the lack of “look” and feel of the program. In other words the inteface is bare and unintuitive.
As a stand-alone program, Pronterface is not the best in the market. It’s better to use as a diagnostic and reset tool in case you have some failures. Since it is able to quickly connect to the printer and give individual commands.

Download: from the official website

Price: Free

User level: From beginner to expert

System: PC, Mac and Linux

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