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STL Search Engine – What we want in one click

A new possibility we have is to use a stl search engine. How many times do we get the idea of printing a certain object in 3D but the idea of browsing all the databases  in this article and the shops in this one doesn’t excite us at all?

In this case we have a powerful web tool that can meet us: the search engine for STL files, there are several online and here we present the most famous:


STL Finder is a stl search engine that helps you find 3D models on the internet. While STL is free, the models identified are subject to the terms and conditions of each market where they are found. This applies to all 3D model search engines.

STL Search EngineYEGGI

Yeggi is a search engine for 3D printable models that searches in various 3D communities and markets. http://www.yeggi.com/

Stl search engineYOBI

Yobi 3d is another stl search engine for 3D models, among the best search engines stl.

Stl search engineAIPO

AIPO S a search engine to find models and STL files, the only one in the list developed in Italy! It’s divided by categories and searches among many sites, in short it’s not bad at all.

stl search engineMAKEAFIND

MakeAfind is specializing in the search for 3D printing projects, on this site users who are looking for an idea for their next print will have before their eyes all the possibilities arranged in an orderly grid. http://www.makeafind.com/

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