Extruder Spinner – Nice accessory that can reveal the loss of motor steps

In this article we see the real utility of 3D printing, how you can create a very useful object in a simple way, the extruder spinner!

The loss of steps of the motors that govern the 3D printer is never a good sign, if it occurs in the motors of the axes can lead to slippage of the prints, described in this article (X and Y axes), and the accumulation of too much material (Z axis). When we are dealing with the movement of an axis that loses steps it means that we have a serious problem of sliding. If we are lucky it will have been a false alarm, but once we have verified this problem we will have to put our hands to the whole frame of our machine.


The same loss of steps that occurs at the level of the extruder engine instead is quite normal, it is perhaps the most insidious to identify but, once verified is easy to solve. If you are experiencing a loss of steps in the engine of your extruder I address you to this other article, where it is treated in depth.
This loss of steps at the extruder level, as I said, is difficult to identify. It can only occur under certain circumstances and be so small as to be difficult to detect when looking at the motor shaft.

Loss-of-steps sensor

That’s why extruder spinners were created. What are they? These are special prints that, thanks to a specially created groove, can be attached to the crankshaft. Their size and their particular design make it very easy to identify the loss of even a small step.
Some of them are very nice and I could bet that they will stay in place even after doing their job.


Here some examples:

These models were taken from Thingiverse:

Ken Street FighterPikatchuRadarMachine Gun


As you can see in the movie with this small spinner in the right place will no longer escape us the slightest movement of the motor!

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