[Guide] Editing an stl file with 3D Builder – Simple and fast

edit stl file

Edit stl file, modify a file by clicking on, many of us will have happened to have to do so.  Maybe we had to add or remove holes, split a large print into several parts, or simply embellish a cover as you will see in the video of the guide.

Edit stl file with 3D Buider

3D Builder is a software integrated in Windows 10 and above all it is free. It doesn’t offer a lot of functions, but for simple changes it does its job in a great way. Just insert the object with the extension .stl .obj .3mf .wmf .ply .glb .gltf and instantly we can make our changes.


Edit stl file: Changes

Following video will show us as we will mainly use the functions of merging and subtracting objects. In fact 3D Builder in a very simple and intuitive way allows us to join two solid bodies with a few clicks of the mouse. Same way it allows the subtraction, very useful function in case we need to create holes or as in the video divide a print. Once we are familiar with these few and simple commands we can modify the .stl files (in most cases) without necessarily having to use more complex and expensive programs.



Once we have modified our file (usually stl taken from Thingiverse), we can save it quietly as new stl and feed it to our favorite slicer. Whether it Cura, Repetier, Simplify3D or others. Obviously in the case of a subdivision into several parts we must provide for the physical assembly of the pieces, which could be facilitated if we insert, where possible, a hole and a pin after dissecting the chosen object. The video is definitely the best way to understand how it works so I just have to wish you good vision.

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