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Stonefil Terracotta – Formfutura – Filament Review

StoneFil is a PLA-based filament by Formfutura, based on the modified EasyFil PLA compound which is loaded with 50% powdered stone. This high loading (loading means inserting another material into one, of which the plastic will have to imitate the look) has led to a filament with remarkable aesthetic characteristics.
StoneFil is an easy to print filament, printed objects have an extremely opaque finish similar to terracotta. Every StoneFil printed object: Terracotta will have its own identity. The fact that it is loaded with stone or earth makes this filament heavier than the normal PLA.



This filament came to me with a complete supply of test filaments, carefully sealed packages of 50 grams (about 20 meters).

Stonefil Terracotta: Test

I have already tried a filament similar to terracotta once before and this time I want to print a statuette from the series “Ancient Egypt”. Today’s test print will be the face of the sphinx, with all the defects. Today’s model is a scan of an existing statue, and although it is not very rich in detail this thread gave it life and created a truly “museum” piece! You can see from the photos the presence of many details.
NB: The lack of the nose and other defects are part of the original model! It is not a printing defect!


terracottaStonefil Terracotta: Print Settings

Here comes the beauty! This filament is very easy to print being a PLA, just set 200 ° and cold plate and without complications you will have your object printed. It’s perfect for modeling, where you can replicate bridges, churches, homes and walls with an amazing ease! The manufacturer, Formfutura, declares that you will have to propitiate the styling of the nozzle after using this wire and remove it in case of shutdown. In I have not done any of this and have started more prints without the shadow of a problem!

Stonefil Terracotta: Conclusions

An indispensable filament for anyone who deals with modeling or enjoys the 3D printer to replicate objects from the past. The ease of printing makes it a filament suitable for anyone with whom you can experiment. I was fascinated by this material and I propose to try the whole series of stonefills, composed not only by terracotta but also by clay, cement and granite!

Available from the company on their website: Formfutura, sometimes it is also available on Amazon.



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