Replacement of the power supply fan – Upgrade

Replacement of the power supply fan

The replacement of the power supply fan is one of those things that sooner or later must be done. Let’s say that a good 50% of the noise of a 3D printer comes from the various fans in operation (the other 50% from the engines). Of course among the various fans that the printer is equipped with, after a few months, the noisiest is definitely the fan of the power supply.


Simply the reasons are various:

  • It is located inside a body that acts as a sounding board;
  • It’s one of the biggest;
  • It’s always on.

The replacement is so simple, and the advantage to our quiet  it’s so great. In other words I recommend to everyone this upgrade!

Power supply fan replacement: Preliminary operations

Before proceeding it is advisable to disassemble the power supply to be sure to buy the right fan, to avoid a wrong purchase!

You must also obtain the following material:

  1. Soldering iron
  2. Tin solder wire
  3. Heat shrink tubing
  4. Electrician’s scissor
  5. Power supply fan: Check the voltage of your power supply (12v or 24v).

Fan 12V:

Fan 24V:

The truly actual replacement

Firstly we proceed to open the box (very simple action), just disconnect the connector that feeds the printer board, loosen the two screws on the aluminum profile that hold the power supply vertically.

After that just unscrew the 4 small side screws and the 2 in the head. I’m not even saying… most important the power supply MUST BE DISCONNECTED FROM THE POWER GRID.

At this point remove the fixing screws to the old fan and put the new one.

Cut the cables with scissors, threaded into a piece of heat-shrinking sheath (3 or 4 cm) in each of the 3 cables of the new fan. Remove the head of the cables and connect them. To weld the joining heat a drop of tin and go to deposit it to make the joining inseparable.

Lastly cover the welded part with the heat shrink and heat it by rubbing it with the solder on.

Close the power supply and enjoy the silence!

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